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Rebuilding the builder

The Force24 Portal is a marketing platform built to aid clients in building, publishing and monitoring marketing campaigns across multiple channels.

Don't be basic

The initial brief outlined that the platform only needed to do the basics; build, publish and monitor social media content across multiple networks.

As the project progressed I found that there were areas that could be improved upon to aid in automating user content.

Keeping things clean

To keep things as simple and as clean as possible, we utalised a multi-layered hover effect for our project modules. This helped keep all of the nesessary related links contained within each module, which allowed for a more uniform and structured grid system, whilst preserving functionality.

Edit & Publish
All in one

A simple social media wizard, capable of utilising multiple authorsied accounts on varety platforms, so that all your social media marketing is singing from the same song book.

Know when is best
Timing is key

One of the key features applied the data collected on audience interaction behaviours to help determine the best content schedule. Once each accounts schedule was set, an admin user could schedule a post across all accounts and networks which was determined by each account's publishing schedule this helped both in making cross-platform content more synchronised, but also more successful in reaching their audience.

Keeping everything
in sync

From editing to scheduling, we developed a workflow that optimises marketing stratergy across all registered accounts. By building a robust calendar system any user could manage their own accounts outgoing media as well as keep track of their colleagues to keep content aligned.

Post or Remove
you're in control

After our initial preview and testing phase we found that one key element of the system was becoming polarising. The feature allowed a manager or admin user to post on behalf of registered accounts in their department. As a extra precautionary measure we halted all posts, which have been added into an accounts schedule, must be approved before posting.

As an additional feature we included the ability to edit posts before approving so that users could still keep their tone of voice personal.

Track & Monitor
Multi-platform media

Through the Published area, you can track and review all of the campaign data. This coupled with the entire Force24 portal can interconnect the audience-specific data collected to influence all future related campaigns.

A new way
manage staff

Using all of the collected interaction data of a users posts, we can collate the data and utilise it so that any account can track the peak engagement times of their unique audience — influenceing their bespoke posting schedule.This makes sure that every post in the future will always have the largest possible viewership.

Adding a
new user

Be ahead of the curve
Stay relavent

Create social media streams and listening boards to keep track of multiple hashtags and keywords. This helps managers and content creaters to keep abrest of the latest news and trends — which all helps towards creating current, relavent and engaging content.

Give us a like,
Comment below

As well as creating user-unique content, a key part of maintaining a sucessful social media account is to engange with the audience. Keep active without leaving the Force24 Portal by giving and thumbs-up or leaving a comment with the custom dialogue windows.

A bit of
friendly competition

Internally, the leaderboard was one of our most popular additions. As with most companies, competition between colleagues is healthly and keeps people motivated, whilst also allowing managers to see who is performing well it can also see which accounts need the more time spent on improving and developing.