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Infinity Delivery

2016 | Brand, Web, Marketing

I had the opportunity to work freelance with a new start-up. I was recruited upon the recommendation of Awooga Events, from which I was to lead their entire branding and initial market campaigns. The company was to become the first on-demand delivery service in the area, and one that had the ambition to expand as quickly as possible.


Lead Designer



Building the Brand

Going into this project I knew that their delivery date would fall in the midst of the upheaval of new online delivery services. The sudden surge of this newly expanding market pushed me to create a memorable brand, that would also need to be approachable by an inclusive demographic, as well as being able to hit the ground running from the word go. By using the basis of less is more,

I started out creating a clean but bold aesthetic, from which could be translated across many media platforms without compromising the brand’s approachable ideals.






Brand Lockup

Brand Collateral / Stationary / Customer Deliverables

Promo teaser

Web Ad

B8 Flyers

Mobile Ad

Web Ad

Infinity Delivery is a door to door delivery service, providing a huge range of unique spirits, craft beers, wines, snacks and mix-your-own cocktail packs - all chilled, all fresh. In our first week we have aimed to get our top shelf products, all nice and cold to you door in under a hour.

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