home work

an all american establishment

for the small time town

Man Vs


Whilst with The Number4 Group, I was asked to assist with a private venture with the CEO. An American themed restaurant, aimed to offer big portions for low prices.


Design & Marketing Coordinator



My role was to create the brand and aesthetic of the restaurant, including all digital and print assets. Along with building brand awareness, I laid the foundation for the interior arrangement, demonstrated through 3D blueprints and design ideas for the internal aesthetic features. I was able to expand on the brand’s own visual aesthetic by translating it’s style to the interior.

Experimenting with bespoke artwork and large scale graphics, to balance out the loud colour palette with the up-cycled interior. Including the company’s fundamental designs, I also outlined the future direction of Man Vs., exploring the possibility of expanding into home delivery, as well as mobile and large scale event catering.

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